What’s On Your Christmas Wishlist?

All year long I have a list of things I would go out and purchase for myself if I didn’t think other things were more important. A new camera lens, my 100th purse, those shoes

I seem to develop amnesia in early November when family members and my husband start asking me what I’d like to receive as gifts.

I tend to become reflective in this season of the year and realize how ridiculously blessed I am, both materially and emotionally. I also think of all the projects I didn’t complete and books I haven’t read which automatically gives me enough to do for the coming New Year.

There is probably a lot of deep, psychological stuff we could get into here but I don’t want a debate over materialism or consumerism, I simply wanted to share what I am doing differently this year. I didn’t start creating my Christmas Wishlist because I need more stuff. I genuinely hope that my husband will be able to get me something I would honestly never buy for myself.

I love the wishlist feature on Amazon but it’s cumbersome and sometimes the item isn’t available from the same seller when you are ready to purchase. I have a “To Get” board on Pinterest but some of those items are just in development (or way above my family’s budget).

This year I started My Wishlist on Pinterest.


With this new Pinterest board, my husband can see quickly the image of what I’d like then click to purchase. I can also have a variety of prices and retailers there so I can still be surprised with what he chooses.This would have been a fabulous tool for our kids when they were younger and we lived across the country (or ocean) from their grandparents.

I think the possibilities go way beyond just pinning items from stores. Yes, you can pin products, or you could pin a link to your local zoo’s annual pass page. You can post info on sizes or quantities in the description of the pin. You could even post links to charitable causes you’d rather have supported in lieu of gifts. There are tons of options. When you get asked, “What would you like for Christmas this year?” How will you answer?

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