Preparing for the Holidays: Updating Addresses

Last week, my daughter and I saw one of these at an antique shop.

Updating Addresses

First of all, she couldn’t believe I knew immediately what it was, and second, I couldn’t believe something I’d seen at my grandmother’s home was officially an antique…but it reminded me of a simple step I took a few weeks ago to make the holidays a little simpler.

We moved three times in just over three years. That is not the norm for most Air Force families but through a combination of choices and circumstances, it was our experience in the last few years leading to SkipperClan’s military retirement.

And yes, it was pretty much as overwhelming as it may sound.

However, living in two of those homes for just under 18 months left us with great friends – friends we feel as though we have known for years, not months.

Once we were unpacking in our current home, I found how many practical things we just hadn’t dealt with over the recent moves. Paperwork, updates…I started getting genuinely confused when people asked for my address! (it would be four moves if you add the home we stayed in with family most of the summer waiting for closing on the house we purchased)

So here we were in our new home, starting to settle in, looking at the calendar when I realized we were genuinely 75% of the way through the year and the holiday season would be here before I could blink.

As I started updating our new address with family, friends, and businesses, I realized how many updated addresses I needed from others. I decided to take a simple step towards preparing for the holidays by updating addresses.

It seems like such a simple thing but it makes a huge difference. Whether we will be visiting these loved ones, mailing gifts and cards, or simply need to have up to date contact information – having current contact information is becoming a lost art. It’s so easy to use Facebook or texting to get quick information out, but it’s also easy to find yourself without internet signal or losing your contacts in your phone.

I think of my contacts much like a spiral going outward with our family as the center…

  • parents
  • siblings
  • nieces & nephews
  • aunts & uncles
  • cousins
  • coworkers
  • clients
  • favorite service providers (mailperson, hair stylist, etc)

Take a simple step towards a simpler holiday season today and make sure you have the most up-to-date contact info for your friends and family.

{Bonus points if you compile them into a separate group in your contacts or on a list for your holiday cards}

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