Just Another Reminder to Drink More Water

Just Another Reminder to Drink More Water

I know, you probably don’t really need to hear this again but you probably need to drink more water.

I certainly did.

When I made the decision to really quit drinking diet soda, I knew I needed to replace it with something on purpose or I would be right back in aluminum-can-land before I could blink. I also knew the only guaranteed healthy option was water. That goal became my second change towards a healthier lifestyle.

I didn’t like the taste of our tap water.
I wasn’t good about keeping track of how much I was drinking.
I didn’t care for the ‘taste’ of drinking from many reusable cups.

I may have been making excuses…(although we definitely have poor tasting tap water!)

The simplest solution for me was one that would make environmentalists cringe: purchasing bottled water.

I knew that for the short term, drinking bottled water would help me track and ensure I was drinking at least the minimum recommended water daily. Of course we recycled the bottles and given how much diet soda I was previously consuming in cans, I’m not sure the environmental impact was any worse. I also got a pitcher at Costco that allows you to place fruit in the center to infuse flavor into your water without using anything artificial. I used it consistently for about 3-4 weeks with meals, but now I usually just drink plain water even at meals.

After about 6-8 weeks, I simply  craved water and am now able to tolerate our tap water (with ice) and drink about double the recommended minimum daily intake with ease. All those benefits you read about? They happened for me too.

  • Sleeping better at night
  • Feeling fuller, therefore eating less
  • Almost no headaches (and those that have occurred seem to be sinus-related)
  • Firmer skin
  • No midday crash

I know you don’t really need another reminder to drink more water, but what we know and what we do are often two different things. So what is holding you back? Do you need to train your body to crave hydration more than flavor? Do you feel you need the caffeine of other drinks?

If you drink almost only water exclusively, what motivates you to maintain that discipline?


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