The Pink Dresser Project


The Pink Dresser Project

One of the difficulties we had during our transition from active duty to retirement this summer was the scope of damage to our household items. It was like the movers wanted to give a grand finale performance and make up for the relatively-good moves we had experienced during the previous twenty years.

One of destroyed pieces was a particle board cabinet I used in my office as a work surface. Even though we are still in the process of negotiating the claim for our furniture damage, I knew I would have to replace that piece. I also knew I needed better storage for my business supplies. {Bonus if I could make it look pretty.}

Then, what should appear in my Facebook feed several weeks ago but this solid wood changing table and dresser.

pink dresser project before

SkipperClan may or may not think I am completely nuts for having a changing table in my office at the exact time both of our children have officially crossed the mark into adulthood. Ahem. 

I immediately went to Pinterest for inspiration. I knew I wanted to do something fun with color since the rest of my furniture in the office is black and dark wood. I painted the walls a cool grey as soon as we moved into the house and eventually the flooring will be replaced with a laminate wood material.

While I loved the idea of doing something truly bold like hot pink or teal, I also knew deep down in my soul I’m a classical romantic. I love transitional decor and timeless pieces. Have you ever asked for opinions on Facebook when you really had already made up your mind? The votes were overwhelmingly for the soft pink to represent my business.

Pink Dresser Project FB Post

Fortunately, I’d also connected with a talented local artist on the same swap group when we were getting rid of our moving boxes. After seeing my post, she talked to her paint supplier and custom designed this new color. I was thrilled when she contacted me a few days later and offered for me to be the first one to purchase the shade and use it! The paint requires no priming or wax finish.
{I loooooooove it and I mean it, I paid full price and everything}

Over the course of several weeks, I went from deal shopping, to paint purchasing, to knob searching and finally to completed dresser. I love the final result.

Pink Dresser Project Final

It is soft without being overly distressed. It’s classic but fun. It’s uber functional. There is no point in having pretty things that aren’t useful.

This piece is now my go-to workstation for gift wrapping, customer gifts with purchase, shipping supplies and appointment supplies.

Pink Dresser Project Organization

The overall look is the soft pink finish, but when you lean in close you’ll see the light distressing…

Pink Dresser Project Distressing


Pink Dresser Project TopAnd you’ll see the knobs I finally selected from ebay after weeks of searching for something vintage yet affordable. These are reproductions.

Pink Dresser Project Knobs


The Pink Dresser Project

I am thrilled with the results of the Pink Dresser Project, what do you think? 

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