Trying to Eat More Veggies

You know the little green character from a certain Sci-Fi movie series who helps young Luke master his special abilities? He has a very important lesson for all of us.

Using a word like TRY is not effective. You just have to DO it.

trying to eat more veggies

After giving up diet soda, then developing a habit of drinking lots of water, I wanted to challenge myself with something focused on adding things to my food choices instead of taking something away. Having lost weight before, I knew that I maintained a healthy weight whenever I ate at least five servings of fruits and veggies every day.

Sounds simple. Try to eat at least five servings of fruit and veggies. That’s having a piece of fruit at breakfast, then a couple servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner.

Make one of those meals a salad and this should be a piece of cake!

Except I really don’t care for cold salads and I really, really like cake.

Over the 3 weeks or so that followed my goal setting, I certainly ate better. I ate more fruits and veggies, but to be honest, I rarely got to five servings.

I am still a picky eater at heart and did I mention I don’t like eating salads? At least, I thought I didn’t, but more on that in a couple of weeks. I was always so hungry after having salad as my meal. I have since realized these things were more tied together than I knew. I have always been a picky eater so I don’t eat salad dressing. At all. Which meant, my salads almost never had a healthy fat incorporated into them. Turns out this is kind of important but I didn’t realize how important at the time.

I quickly gave up diet soda – check!
I easily drank a lot more water – hooray!
I struggled in trying to eat more veggies – fail!

I was frustrated. The scale was getting stuck. I was looking for food that made me feel better, not just low calorie diet “fixes.” I have been blessed to be included in support groups with friends who changed their eating habits so I reached out to them. I started reading everything I could that fit the description of how I felt.

  • I was hungry even after eating what should have been plenty of calories.
  • I was still craving sweets even after giving up diet soda.
  • I was walking every day but still felt lethargic most evenings.
  • I started waking up in the middle of the night with insomnia or reflux (something I’d only previously experienced when taking strong medications for my back)
  • I was getting more headaches.

In short, I was trying to eat more veggies, but failing and I was starting to feel worse than when I was drinking diet soda all the time. No matter what element of health I read about, I kept getting linked back to posts, comments, or the page for Whole30.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more about what happened when I found that website and I promise, the story doesn’t go like this: found website, did exactly what they said, lost 50 pounds.

What do you do to eat more veggies every day?

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