My Mother’s Baby Dress Shadowbox Project

Moms Baby Dress at SkipperClanNearly eighteen years ago, I took a snapshot of my daughter wearing my mother’s baby dress. We didn’t have a great camera, we didn’t have a beautiful home, but we did have a beautiful baby girl.

The backdrop was a simple Noah’s Ark throw and the dress arrived with my mom during¬†one of her visits to our little white house in Oklahoma. When I look back at photos like this, I realize how much I have always enjoyed photography. I love capturing moments connecting our generations.

This summer I received that dress from my mom to pass on to my now-adult-daughter one day. I found great inspiration on Pinterest for a shadowbox project.

My Pinterest projects don’t always go according to plan.

This one actually turned out simpler. I found a deal on a small shadowbox. Next, I got a free scrap of beadboard from our local home improvement store. I had my handy-man cut it to size. Finally I just placed everything inside and I have a beautiful keepsake.

And I love it. I will be adding it to the wall in our living room that has family photos. The dress isn’t in perfect condition. Mom said it used to be the same shade of purple as the thread you see in the detail.

Moms Baby Dress Detail

I am grateful for little moments like these, passing things between generations, and remembering what it was like for our grandparents. This dress was made from flour sack. I didn’t even make clothes for our children! What a change in a generation.

One more time cause she is adorable…

Moms Baby Dress on KitKat2

Moms Baby Dress On KitKat


Have a great week with your family!

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