What Happened When I Tried Whole30 for 9 Days

What Happened When I Tried Whole30 for 9 Days

Last week I shared a little about the search that led me to the Whole30 website. I truly never believed I could go nine days without bread and dairy.

I mean, there is being healthy and there is being crazy.

As I mentioned, I had already limited those food for about a week and a half, with great results. By the time I was ready to start nine days of eating according to the Whole30 guidelines, I was giving up very little. I love goal setting and accomplishment too, so it was really the perfect time for the challenge.

I won’t lie, I was hungry the first couple days. Looking back, I genuinely think it was a combination of two things:

  1. I wasn’t drinking as much water because it coincided with a couple of days of cooler weather.
  2. I wasn’t eating enough healthy fats or large enough meals.

Once I adjusted these two areas, I truly was very satisfied after each meal. I was surprised how many times I couldn’t finish as much food as I had routinely eaten just a month earlier. I noticed flavors of the ingredients in my meals more and more each day. I was willing to eat what might seem like extremely random meals, as long as I had protein, vegetables, and a healthy fat on the plate. I drank a ton of water. I only drank water.

I carry most of my extra weight right on my middle. They call it apple-shaped and it is miserable. I can picture my grandmother when I think of this who had great legs and often wore shorts, but was very overweight. Now that I am an adult, I have lived the frustration of seeing nearly every extra ounce land firmly on my waistline. Even when I have been able to do more vigorous exercise routines and been fit, the last place I lost weight was my stomach.

Everything was different this time. With the Whole30 eating guidelines, I no longer snacked and I felt full. But nothing prepared me for the shock of seeing weight come off my waistline first.

Like, fall over, what-is-happening, then jumping-up-and-down, high-fiving, shock that my pants were loose. Very loose.

Whole30 specifically challenges you not to look at the scale during your 30 day experiment. Even though my challenge was just for 9 days, I followed the same guidance. After the 9 days, I’d lost almost five pounds but, more importantly, I’d gone down TWO pant sizes.

Let me repeat, what happened when I tried Whole30 for 9 days was that I went down two pant sizes.

My daughter said my happy dance deserved it’s own event on Facebook.

I don’t know what would happen for you if you challenged yourself to eat this way. I just know that for me, this way of eating is truly what my body seems to be designed to consume. I never planned to eat this way forever although some do. I’ve had several weeks since finishing this first challenge (including Thanksgiving) so I’ll be sharing more about that time soon.

If you are trying to make healthy changes like this, there is probably no greater key to success with Whole30 than to plan ahead and prep for your week. Whether it’s washing and chopping vegetables and fruit, deciding on your sides, or having your favorite refillable water container clean each night for the next day: you absolutely will find yourself eating unhealthy foods if you aren’t prepared. Especially if your workday or other responsibilities take more time than you expected and it is dinnertime.

I also had great online support through my first Whole30 (9) Challenge. Next week I’ll be sharing more about how that group came together and the importance of those women in my success.