Simple Christmas Decor

Simple Christmas Decor at SkipperClanDo you have all your Christmas decorations out? Between traveling over Thanksgiving and some family demands, we have been slow to pull out decorations.

SkipperClan found some grapevine on his parents’ property and setup a form so I could make my own wreaths.

Simple Christmas Decor Wreath Form

They turned out simple but nice and I had just hung a few on my kitchen cabinets when my neighbor happened to share a photo of some decor she was selling.

Simple Christmas Decor at SkipperClan

I walked down the street and couldn’t believe it when she told me there were seven of them, the exact number of upper kitchen cabinets we have.

Simple Christmas Decor Cabinets

So one part of my Christmas decorating became super simple.

However, one of the things about moving three times in about three years, is that we have items that don’t work well with our new home. At our previous home, we had porch railing which held our lighted garland. This home has a large window at the front and center of the porch and I felt it was just begging for a huge wreath.

But I hated having decor items we couldn’t use and considering spending even more on decorations. Especially when I saw that large wreaths commonly sold for well over $100!

That SkipperClan guy of mine…he is pretty smart. In fact, it’s usually the simple ideas that he comes up with while I’m busy trying to research a good deal on just buying things ready-made.

Enter, a hula hoop.

Yep! We had just discussed the idea of wrapping our existing lighted garland around a hula hoop when one of our {other} neighbors had a slightly bent hula hoop out for recycling!

I’m not ashamed to say that other people’s trash is sometimes treasure.

Yesterday I wrapped that garland {over and over} around the hula hoop, adjusted the branches so it would lie against the window better and cover as much of the bright pink toy as possible.

Simple Christmas Decor Cabinets

While this photo isn’t the best, I think you get the idea. And it looks beautiful from the street with our roofline lights.

Simple Christmas Decor Hula Hoop Wreath

I am sure I will find a new home for my handmade grapevine wreaths soon, but for now I am content with my budget-friendly, super simple Christmas decor.

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