12 Things I’m Not Doing This Year

I welcomed the New Year with open arms yesterday. I set big goals and I started on some of them in late December, just to remind myself that I can start a new thing anytime. God doesn’t wait for Jan 1 to do things, why should I?

Before I share those goals with you here, and before we get too far into the I-already-gave-up-on-my-resolutions many people will experience in the coming weeks, I wanted to share 12 things I’m not doing this year.

12 Things I'm Not Doing This Year at SkipperClan

It’s not because I don’t love people, it’s not because some aren’t valuable things, it’s not because I don’t ever want to do them again in the future…

It’s because if there is one thing I have learned in thirty-nine years, it’s that I can’t do it all, all the time. And more importantly, I don’t want to. It makes me a mediocre wife and mother when I over extend myself, not to mention I usually gain weight and lose patience in the process.

12 Things I’m Not Doing This Year

  1. Sending birthday & anniversary cards
  2. Working on goals other people have for me
  3. Putting on a facade of perfection
  4. Attending events because it’s expected
  5. Using a credit card
  6. Finishing books I don’t like just because I started them
  7. Watching tv at the expense of hobbies that bring me joy
  8. Believing the lies of doubt in my head
  9. Keeping negative people in my social media accounts
  10. Feeling old because I’m turning 40
  11. Listening to anyone who doubts my dreams
  12. Making decisions in fear instead of faith

So many of these habits are the chains that keep us bound. I put enormous pressure on myself to send cards for example, because I’m an encourager by God’s design. They make people happy and we get regular mail so infrequently anymore. I don’t want everyone to stop doing it, I may send them again next year, but it’s so freeing to just decide that I’m not doing it this year. It’s a good thing to send cards, but my resources are finite and I don’t believe it’s the best thing I can do right now.

Many of the others are examples of how we think and behave because it’s so widely accepted in our culture. If we have a facebook account, we are expected to friend everyone no matter how miserable they are or how they make us feel. We think people are strange who don’t have credit cards. {how do they travel? what about all those points and free miles?}

Next week I will be sharing more about my goals for 2015 and what I will be doing. I’d love to hear something you are not doing this year!

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