Quick and Simple Gifts for Your Sponsored Child

I know I promised to share my 2015 goals {I’m kind of still in denial that it is in fact, two thousand fifteen} but they will be up next week. Today I want to share what we are doing to accomplish one of them.

Quick & Simple Gifts For Your Sponsored Child

Honestly, it sounds strange for me to say ‘our sponsored child,’ but I realize that is what most of you would put in the google search bar if you were looking for ideas. {I did} In modern America, even the poorest among us is among the richest in the world. The hashtag #firstworldproblems is something we can use to at least help us gain perspective on problems we have that we know pale in comparison to those in other nations.

One of the ways we chose to make a positive impact for someone outside of our modern American culture, was to sponsor a child through a relief organization. A couple of the largest organizations are Compassion International and World Vision.

In our case, the church we were attending at the time was in fact working directly with one of the organizations to ensure a community-wide impact. The sponsorship organization found approximately 200 children in the same community for our church members to sponsor. In addition to that, our church partnered with a different outreach effort to work with local orphanages in the same district of the country. As the body of Christ, we were able to layer our outreach to have a strong and thorough impact on the community. I wish more churches worked with such big-picture thinking, but that is a topic for another post…

SO! We were given the opportunity to sponsor a child and it’s hard to believe we are over three years into that agreement. I absolutely adore getting her letters and cards sharing her appreciation for the resources she has directly through this support.

I also know that sometimes a little girl just wants something fun, something special that is all hers. I send several packages a year, but this year our goal is to send something fun once a month. I was inspired by a post a few months ago where some ladies were looking for ideas on gifts to include in Operation Christmas Child, where shoeboxes are filled with toiletries and supplies for those in need around the world.

Here is a list I compiled from that discussion. I hope these quick and simple gifts for your sponsored child will encourage you to send a little something fun for your child soon.

  • temporary tattoos
  • bubbles
  • stickers
  • glow sticks
  • erasers & pencils
  • mini art kits
  • crayons
  • travel tissues

Check out Operation Christmas Child’s Pinterest Boards for even more ideas. Remember that bulky items are usually not recommended for sponsored children as the larger the package, the more likely it will be taken before it reaches them. Here is a great board specifically for things not recommended.

Honestly, I believe from her responses, that our child loves getting the personal notes as much as anything else. In some countries, it’s hard to know if the gifts will actually make it through the sometimes corrupt mail and governmental systems. We don’t spend much, but I know the consistency of hearing from us has had a big impact. It’s not that we become parents to a girl we have never met, it’s more like we are a distant aunt, uncle, and cousins that provide encouragement and opportunity even if we never meet.

What ideas do you have to add to the list?

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