Choosing The Things You Love

Did you make big goals for 2015? Are you feeling like you’ve already failed? It’s about that time, just a few days shy of the 21-days-to-build-a-habit theory when people start dropping like flies.

You missed a scheduled day at the gym so why bother going on the weekend?
Your child was sick and you forgot your daily Bible reading so you’ve failed God.
You were determined to do a photography challenge but you forgot yesterday.

Why do we think we must do things perfectly in order to do them well?

Doubt and perfectionism and supposed-to’s will eat us alive and destroy our dreams…at least for us type-a, first born, achievement-driven gals.

Today I’m choosing not to give in to the doubt or any of the other nonsense.

I’m writing a few words here and publishing without worrying about the perfect Pinterest graphic or SEO check.
I’m playing with my camera for a while and capturing a few things which have inspired me the last few days.
I’m putting together a few dishes for the freezer and using my slow cooker instead of preparing an elaborate dinner.
I’m going to read and something on the dvr.

I’m going to give the creative side of me a chance to work by ignoring my tendency to schedule my days in great detail.

We might even take the motorcycle out for a spin…note to self, get a current photo of hubby’s motorcycle…