10 Goals for 2015

10 Goals for 2015 at SkipperClan

Two thousand and fourteen brought huge triumphs for me.

I achieved the highest status to date in my business.
SkipperClan retired after twenty years in the Air Force.
Our youngest graduated high school.

It also brought a few challenges.

We moved for the third time in 38 months.
Our lender for our home purchase was disorganized and difficult.
celebrated my 39th birthday in a hospital ER with Bell’s Palsy.

Everyone faces challenges. We aspire to do great things, not just on January 1st, but hopefully throughout our days. I have said many times that I believe God put me on this earth to be busy – busy about the things that bring Him glory.

It was with this renewed focus that I considered the New Year. I originally wrote down 12 goals. After listening to every morsel of Michael Hyatt’s resources throughout the promotion of his Best Year Ever course, I realized I needed to consider shortening the list. I quickly realized that one of the goals was really just a task I wanted to complete. A couple of others were essentially the same. After the editing, I had 10 goals for 2015.

  1. become debt free
  2. read the entire Bible
  3. reach my goal weight by my 40th birthday
  4. join a local church and serve
  5. read fifty or more books
  6. develop 100 skin care clients
  7. complete a creative project monthly
  8. send items monthly to our sponsored child
  9. plan a dream vacation
  10. write and publish a book

That last one, whew! It’s a big, audacious, scary, crazy idea. Me. Write a book. If you have your doubts, please keep them to yourself since I have enough of my own. Part of me still looks at that list and thinks: really? all that in one year? mmm-hhhmmm

But this other part of me, this long-suppressed voice of a dreamer says it’s time for a do-over. Time to quit leaning on my strength and do things in God’s strength. Because when we accomplish those things up there in that big, scary list? We will have choices. Choices about where and when we work. Choices about where we live. Choices about who will be the recipient of random, anonymous gifts. Choices of the parts of the world we have never seen.

Yes, some of those goals have been around for a couple of years. Some of them have been talked about, a lot. I can’t say I am done talking about them, since I am obviously talking about them here. What I can say, is I will update you each month on our progress. I welcome your suggestions and encouragement.

If you’ve shared your goals, will you leave a link in the comments?

God bless,


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