Table Makeover with Vintage Furniture Paint

Table Makeover with Vintage Furniture Paint

I had such great success with my Pink Dresser Project, I  knew I wanted to use the same paint, Vintage Furniture Paint, for a set of table & chairs we recently purchased cheap. The pieces had a beautiful wood-stain finish on the tops of both the table and chairs. The legs, apron, and backs were all a creamy white. Well, creamy white with a dash of kids’ paint and lots of wear.

Table Makeover Chairs Before

I’ve refinished tables before with great results, but I knew my friend Denise was a professional. She has the workspace, the materials, and the time to get projects completed. When her quote came in well under the budget I expected, I happily turned over all the pieces to her care for refinishing. Last week, she delivered everything and I am thrilled with the results.

Table Makeover with Vintage Furniture Paint Set

She did a marvelous job matching the straight-slat side chairs we already owned. Now, the more intricately designed chairs with the wooden seats are being used at the ends of the table.

Table Makeover ChairsI love to do projects on my own, it feels strange to pass off any kind of crafty thing to someone else…especially when it’s going with hard-earned cash. However, I have learned over the years that I can often come out with a better product and better use of my time, when I leave certain jobs to the professionals.

Denise completed the entire project, including pickup & deliver within days. I wouldn’t have even been able to start the project in that timeframe. She got the finish to nearly a perfect match to our existing chairs. She even supplied a small jar of touch up paint should we need it in the future. I was able to spend time holding appointments for my business and earning much more than it cost to have the table refinished.

Have you completed any makeover projects lately?


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