My Plan to Read Through the Bible This Year

Last week I proclaimed my goals for the year! Today I wanted to share a little bit more about how I plan to tackle some of them. Grand plans are nothing without action of course, and I thought I’d start with a goal many Christians set at the beginning of a New Year: read through the Bible this year.

My Plan to Read Through the Bible This Year photo via Lightstock

This resolution comes in many forms:

  • I’m going to read my Bible every day
  • I’m going to read a Proverb every day for the month
  • I’m going to get up early and have my quiet time

Whatever it looks like, it is certainly a noble goal. If my experience, and that of many of my friends, is typical though – it’s also one of the most failed goals.

Right up there with, lose ten pounds.

I have read the entire Bible in a year before, in fact, I did it in 144 days! Later that year, I was part of an accountability group where I learned about a different reading plan with me, the one I’ll be using this year.

It’s called the Professor Horner’s Bible-Reading System.

Stay with me, this is not a version of the Bible or a new translation or anything psuedo-Christian. This is simply a schedule you can use to read 10 chapters of the Bible each day over the course of about 8 months to read through the Bible this year.

Here are my favorite features of this plan:

  • You can use whatever version of a Bible you prefer
  • You can use the YouVersion app of this plan to read & track your progress
  • You read daily from Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, & Proverbs
  • You will never read the exact same ten chapters together as long as you keep reading according to the distinct lists
  • You can find little gems in sections that are, um, not as plot-intensive (all those begats and the dividing of the land to the tribes of Israel)
  • You have plenty of make-up time since it’s only scheduled for 8 months

For instance, earlier this week I was reading Joshua 18 and verse 3 pretty much jumped off the page:

Then Joshua said to the children of Israel: “How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers has given you?"

I mean, right in the middle of all the landscape of the Promised Land, God is using Joshua to remind the people that the land is already theirs! They are being disobedient by failing to go and do what God has designed for them. It was a reminder I personally needed to hear but it was right there in the midst of land surveys.

I started the plan at the beginning of the year and have definitely missed a day or two along the way. There have also been days where I read ahead of the schedule. I knew that I would give up on the goal if I said I would read every day. The first family or medical emergency and the perfectionist in me would have given up. (We did in fact, have such a crisis this month and I’m pretty sure God wanted me to get in the car and be able to pray with our loved one in person much more than He wanted me to be on a Bible reading schedule).

If you are considering the commitment to read the entire Bible, I believe this is a great plan to use since it takes very little time each day and keeps a variety of books mixed into the schedule. If you are looking for something that takes closer to 30 minutes a day and gives you a fast, overview of the entire book, try the Bible in 90 days format.

Either way, let me know when you get started and maybe we can encourage each other along the way on facebook. In the comments, I’d love for you to share the biggest lesson you learned if you’ve read the entire Bible before.



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