Simple Driftwood Shelf {Creative Project #1}

This weekend I completed my first creative project for 2015. I am thrilled with this simple driftwood shelf and wanted to share how it was assembled, as well as more about my creativity goal.
Driftwood Shelf CompleteI set a goal to complete one creative project each month in 2015. This was motivated by two driving forces. First, I love taking different materials and making something beautiful from them. This usually involves paper or thread mediums for me – scrapbooking and cross stitch, for example. I have neglected these hobbies {and the relaxation they provide} for the last few years but I was determined to incorporate them into the New Year. Second, I have quite a supply of said project materials and after moving them for years I thought it would be best if I actually started using them!

My first project is the perfect example. We picked up this driftwood on a beach several years ago. The knobs came from Hobby Lobby and were also picked up at least two moves ago. SkipperClan himself helped me figure out how to attach the knobs and with less than half an hour of work, it was complete.

driftwood suppliesI gathered a few of his tools, including this handy little template which helped me determine what size drill bit I needed for the knobs. That was step one.
driftwood step 1
driftwood drillbit decisionI simply placed the knobs on the driftwood and marked the location. Then I drilled a 3/8″ hole all the way through the wood from front to back.
driftwood knobs driftwood drill step 1Next, I did some crazy math and figured out how deeply I could drill from the back without going all the way through to the front. I needed about 3/4 of an inch for my knobs between the front of the driftwood and the nut & washer on the back. I applied painter’s tape to the bit as a visual reminder of when to stop. Below is the drillbit I had to use on the back, this made a large enough opening for me to insert the washer and nut, securing the knobs.
driftwood drillbit
driftwood nuts and boltsSo from the front, the hole is just 3/8″ wide and just under an inch deep. From the back, the hole is 5/8″ wide but doesn’t go all the way through to the front. driftwood socketI used the socket above to help me tighten everything in place before heading out to the sunshine to take this photo.

Eventually, this shelf will hang in my laundry room but that’s an entirely separate post as it will be getting a complete makeover.

What arts and crafts have you been into this year?

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