The Reality of Weight Loss Goals & The Month of February

We are just over a month into the New Year, something I can hardly believe. I set big goals in January and even got a jump start on healthy habits at the end of last year. However, the last couple weeks haven’t gone as well as I’d hoped.

Reality of Weight Loss Goals and February at SkipperClan

Many people set big weight loss goals for the New Year and find themselves coming up short in February. The difference between those who fail and those who succeed really has nothing to do with how well they did in January.

Real success with healthy changes come when we decide the whole year isn’t ruined in February.

I didn’t walk as many days in January as I wanted to and I only completed about 25% of the number of core workout days that I’d planned. I started a stretch of eating Whole30 foods for 9 days and ‘failed’ on day 2. I didn’t lose five pounds in January which would have kept me on target for my birthday deadline.

I didn’t gain any weight back though and I haven’t given up. The reality of weight loss goals & the month of February is this: we only fail when we allow our perfectionism to destroy the next 11 months of possibilities!

On days when I am frustrated with my own lack of discipline or the cold keeps me indoors, I can choose to focus on the healthiest foods for my meals and drinking lots of water. I can plan ahead for our meals for the week, incorporating plenty of veggies. I can set a timer and complete ten minutes of core exercise from my favorite dvd. I can reach out to friends for support, encouragement, and new meal ideas.

What are you doing today to keep pushing towards your health goals for 2015?

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