Planning A Debt Free Vacation

If you are a Dave Ramsey fan, you know he is not going to encourage you to enjoy a big family vacation while you’re climbing out of debt. The goal is to attack the debt with intensity, making big sacrifices for a short time.

He is famous for the quote, “Live like no one else so later you can LIVE like no one else.”

That is our goal for 2015. This means we aren’t attending out of state reunions, planning a trip to Disney, or taking off for a week in the mountains. We are working to make this goal happen as fast as possible.

Planning a Debt Free Vacation: Finding a Positive Spin on a Negative Goal

It’s hard to work towards a negative goal, however. When your goal is to become debt free, you are basically setting a goal not to do a lot of things.

  • not eating out
  • not going on vacation
  • not using credit cards
  • not even using the debit card for easy-to-blow budget categories like groceries

You get the idea, not fun! If there is one thing I have learned about goal setting in my business, it’s that a goal is a lot more fun to work for when you are focused on a positive result. If you’ve always carried debt in some form, such as a car loan or mortgage, it can be difficult to imagine the rewards of becoming debt free. Finance isn’t just about numbers or no one would have debt, it’s about behavior too.

How do you take a negative goal and put a positive spin on it?

For us, one way is to make specific plans for what we will do when we are debt free. Having lived abroad and enjoyed some travel in the past, planning a debt free vacation is a great way to set a positive money goal.

Even Dave Ramsey’s team suggests taking these babysteps!

Planning a debt free vacation will help motivate us throughout the frugal days of paying off our debt. Some of these steps we can complete when we need a little encouragement to keep sacrificing for the goal, others we can do as a celebration for each debt we payoff.

  • Select our dream destination {check!}
  • Order free travel guides
  • Check out videos and books from the library to learn specific travel tips
  • Renew our passports
  • Visit local festivals and art shows highlighting work from the country we’ve chosen

If you had absolutely no payments and could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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