The #1 Tool to Become a Virtual Assistant

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Last fall, I began working extremely part time as a virtual assistant. I’ve worked in offices with business owners before on a project-basis and have worked hard to develop my social media skills. Had it not been for Lisa’s book and the support from other VAs on Facebook, I wouldn’t have known how to get started.

Virtual Assistant is a very broad title. You can help with social media, writing, web design, financial management, travel arrangements and so much more. With the accessibility of high speed internet, cell phones, and cloud based communication like Skype and Google Voice, you can work with people all over the world. You can be an independent contractor or even a regular employee.

I recommend you start with something you know well. If you are a skilled photographer but want to be at home full time with babies, you might update the blog for another photographer or take real estate photos and upload them to MLS for a Realtor. If you have experience as an executive assistant, you may be able to do the exact same tasks remotely. The possibilities really are endless.

The biggest question I had, and many others have, is this: Where do I start?

You can search for tips, techniques, and testimonials all day long about women who have added income to their family budget by working from home as a virtual assistant. When I started searching a few years ago, I found Lisa’s ebook The Bootstrap VA. I first read Lisa’s book with the intention of incorporating her business tips into my direct sales venture. I quickly realized that The Bootstrap VA is absolutely stuffed with the best tools and tips imaginable for anyone wanting to get started as a Virtual Assistant. In fact, I believe it is the #1 tool to become a virtual assistant!

From Tuesday, April 7, 2015 – Thursday, April 9, 2015, you can purchase an awesome bundle of virtual assistant and work-at-home resources for only $29.95. The bundle includes all three versions (PDF, Kindle, and Nook) of The Bootstrap VA, plus $218.95 of additional resources to help you start and grow your virtual assistant and work-at-home business. You’ll also get another $173 of discounted resources that you’ll only pay $33 for (if you choose to purchase them separately).

Inside The Bootstrap VA you will find:

  • Lisa’s personal story building a successful Virtual Assistant business
  • Specific tools for tracking time, managing communication, and tracking project progress
  • Links to other virtual assistants and their experience
  • Ideas for where to start given your personal experience

Bootstrap VA Bundle Sale

I have referenced this ebook so many times and recommended it for years, without making any money from those referrals. Should you decide to take advantage of her two day offer to purchase the newly revised ebook and all the free bundle bonuses, I will make a percentage from that purchase price. I would never recommend something I don’t personally love of course!

Lisa isn’t just sharing the love by offering this percentage to me, but 10% of all the book sales are going to Compassion International as well!

When you purchase by April 8th, you get everything below!

Bootstrap VA Bundle Contributors

I’m in the process of adding other Virtual Assistant services to my repertoire and building a site to link all of my business information in one location. For now, I am keeping my services related to the direct sales organization I work with since it is what I know best.

What skills do you possess that may be able to translate to virtual assistant work? What difference would that extra income mean for your financial goals? Turn those ideas into reality with The Bootstrap VA Bundle before it’s gone!

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