The Promise of Spring

We are in the middle of that¬†busy season…Spring! Ok, who are we kidding, every season is busy right?

The Promise of Spring at SkipperClan

Moms are in the midst of:

We are in a new stage of life here at SkipperClan. It’s been coming for the last few years and started in earnest almost one year ago exactly: the transition to an empty nest.

Empty Nest Toast at SkipperClan

In all seriousness, it has honestly involved as much change and personal growth as the first years of our marriage. Then, we moved across the country and welcomed two babies into the world just 12 months and 3 weeks apart. The rate of change is truly staggering, and sometimes just comes with twists and turns we couldn’t predict. The beauty of this stage is we’ve weathered a few unexpected journeys together over our 21 years of marriage and we manage the ride a little smoother these days.

Sometimes that means my words are few here, but they stir in my heart as I’m out living, deciding, and growing. I hope you’ll join me here over the next few weeks as I share more of our story. I’ve been reading, completing small home projects, teaching, working, and encouraging these last few weeks…I can’t wait to share some of it with you. Subscribe via email at the top right to stay connected or join me on facebook.

Make the most of the renewal and growth around you, find hope in the promise of spring. Have a blessed Sunday my friends.

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