10 Goals for 2015 {1st Quarter Update}

10 Goals for 2015 at SkipperClan

I started the year with 10 goals for 2015.

  1. become debt free
  2. read the entire Bible
  3. reach my goal weight by my 40th birthday
  4. join a local church and serve
  5. read fifty or more books
  6. develop 100 skin care clients
  7. complete a creative project monthly
  8. send items monthly to our sponsored child
  9. plan a dream vacation
  10. write and publish a book

I want to start by saying I really can do simple math. I fully recognize this post is going live at the end of April despite the fact it says 1st Quarter Update. What can I say? Real life, best of intentions, fighting various illnesses for a full six weeks at this point…let’s just keep it real folks. Let’s also get onto the update…

1. Become debt free – we have paid off the first of five debts, and saved enough to payoff the second. We are also waiting for some things to be finalized in regards to our work so for the next few weeks our payoff plans are on hold. Hopefully everything goes smooth as silk and we will just be writing the checks to pay that debt off instead of needing the funds for job transitions. I am also hosting a Financial Peace University class which is helping keep me accountable for the tracking and planning of our goal.

2. Read the entire Bible – I have definitely found it challenging to be consistent with my routine of reading daily with the health and schedule challenges we have had the last few weeks, but I am still on track to finish before the end of the year.

3. Reach my goal weight by my 40th birthday – I recently got involved in two support groups online to help hold me accountable to this goal. I can still hit the target by losing 1-2 pounds per week between now and my birthday, but my physical activity has been limited by my recent illness. As soon as I get the all-clear from the doctor I will be able to add that back to my routine.

4. Join a local church and serve – While we haven’t committed to a particular church since our move, we have finally visited a couple that seem promising. We have had to look for a new church home many times and we no longer rush to this commitment. As I mentioned above, I am leading an FPU class though and a local church is allowing us to meet there. So technically I’ve got the serve part down before the church home.

5. Read fifty or more books – I don’t doubt I’ll reach this goal although I’ve been terrible about tracking every book I’ve finished. I know that there are about a dozen already complete. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a few of my favorites in May like Jon Acuff’s Do Over and Melanie Shankle’s The Antelope in the Living Room.

6. Develop 100 skin care clients – not huge progress on this goal but I have definitely added some every month and the women I am meeting are truly beautiful from the inside out, win-win.

7. Complete a creative project monthly – I am happy to say I finished something each of the first three months this year. I shared my January and February projects here, but March was all about photography and those pictures will be shared later this week.

8. Send items monthly to our sponsored child – While we did our own creative package in January, I used the organization-supplied kits for February and March. I would like to send something else hand written {and just plain fun} this week for April’s goal.

9. Plan a dream vacation – I shared a little more about this but since our debt payoff is on a temporary hold, we haven’t done much more on this item.

10. Write and publish a book – to be honest, I am seriously considering whether or not this is the year for this goal. Right now I am working on learning more about blogging and the business it involves. Between now and June, my focus is to be consistent on writing in this space while considering whether or not I will continue the book project from July to December.

What is one goal you set January 1st that seems to be getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list? What is one goal you’ve already accomplished?

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