Being Real In Our Relationships

We don’t know each other very well.

It doesn’t matter if you and I were great friends long before the internet or you just landed here from a Google search.

Being Real In Our Relationships at SkipperClan

We don’t know each other as well as we feel like we do. The internet, the ability to text thousands of messages a month, social media updates…

The truth is we know a LOT about each other these days, but it doesn’t mean we know each other well. I tend to go deep in my personal relationships. I want you to tell me about your dreams for the future and your favorite laundry detergent. I want to know what is working in your life and what you would change. I want you to be real with me when you are having one of those days.

Seriously, if you tell me you always find the good even in the worst situations and simply don’t have those days, then I know you are being even less honest with yourself than you are with me.

None of us is perfect.

The balance most of us are seeking now isn’t even how much to work and how much time to spend with family. It isn’t even a balance between real food and junk food. We tend to find a sweet spot on a weekly and monthly basis when it comes to such down to earth things. {Most of the time anyway}

What we are trying to balance now is how real to be in our relationships.

We don’t want to read a stream of updates regurgitating the horrible news stories, photos of injuries, or details of the kids’ adventures with the latest virus going around school. We want to see beautiful family photos, read your favorite vacation adventure, and the update about your promotion at work. We want to see the album-worthy milestones, not the dirty dishes.

There is nothing wrong with trying our best to focus on the positive and forget the negative...until we start believing that the stream of pretty pictures and witty updates is the whole of the person on the other end of the screen.

Even worse, when we start believing no one wants to hear about our struggles.

I can assure you, every single one of us is struggling with something – and it’s meant for our growth. Growing our faith, integrity, skills, relationships and more. But it gets even better…

Our growth is also meant to help those around us. Maybe you need to share your struggle now, maybe it’s a story meant for telling when you get through it. I won’t assume to know, I just know it is meant to be shared.

Job loss, miscarriage, broken marriage, rebellious teenager, strong-willed toddler, addictions…

What journey are you on right now? Are you taking note, either on paper or in your heart, so the story can be shared? You don’t have to blog about it, you may not even share it with a lot of people…

…maybe this story is just for one person, one with whom you’ll share because in that instant, you know it was meant for them as much as it was meant for you.

In the meantime, look across those profile pictures and say some prayers for those friends, for the story they are writing right now that you and I know nothing about. Let’s get to know each other again, dirty dishes and all.

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times…

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