Let’s Do Summer 2015

The best intentions, the grandest plans. Big yearly goals, big interruptions from life.

10 Goals for 2015 at SkipperClan

We know there is power in habit and yet the days go by, the weeks, the months. I have friends who have made great weight loss progress this year. Others who have improved their fluency in a foreign language. There are children giving piano recitals this month who didn’t even know the scales in December. Where do you and I want to be by September?

There is only one thing required to see that success for the goals we have: time.

I was privileged to be part of a launch group for Jon Acuff’s book Do Over this spring and he’s launched a summer challenge that anyone can do as the follow up to the book. Go to www.dosummer2015.com, sign up for your free tracking sheet, and see how the power of 15 minute blocks can help you develop your skills by September.

If Michael Hyatt’s goal setting material and FlyLady’s life program had a baby, this would be it.

15 minutes, repeat. Skills.


Go sign up today and get started with me. I’ll be working on a few areas, but my number one goal is to write. I’m off to fill in another block on my tracking sheet!

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