10 Goals for 2015 MidYear Update

10 Goals for 2015 at SkipperClan

Every year the calendar gives us a New Year on January 1st and we celebrate by dreaming big with goals, plans, and wishes. My particular home based business starts the fiscal and business year on July 1st, so I get another New Year. What else would I do except set goals, plans, and make a few wishes?!

Not exactly.

I definitely re-evaluate my goals for my business. I look at what has been working and what has not. I consider the outcomes I desire for the coming twelve months and the contests provided by our company. I envision that moment of crossing the stage to accept my gifts, recognition for the privilege of being able to spend time with women throughout the year.

However, I consider those new business goals within the context of the goals I set across all areas of my life waaaaaaay back in January. {Note, January doesn’t seem that far back, but then of course, neither does 1994}

The thing is, when we look at everything that has changed in the last six months, now is definitely the time to consider the progress made so far in 2015. It also means there is more than enough time to accomplish those that are unfinished.

 I set ten goals for 2015 pertaining to my health, finances, career, faith, and more…here’s my midyear update.

  1. become debt free {2 debts paid off, 3 to go}
  2. read the entire Bible {just over 25% complete, reading in small pockets of time to get caught up}
  3. reach my goal weight by my 40th birthday {nope! however, I am recommitting post-birthday}
  4. join a local church and serve {we have found a church home and I led a class on Financial Peace}
  5. read fifty or more books {I have become slack in recording what I have written and plan to update here in July}
  6. develop 100 skin care clients {as with my weight goal, this is behind schedule but still doable}
  7. complete a creative project monthly {fail on the monthly part, however I am scrapbooking again!}
  8. send items monthly to our sponsored child {I have sent at least a card every month so far in 2015}
  9. plan a dream vacation {not a ton of progress here since our work situation was just settled last week}
  10. write and publish a book {this one gets it’s own paragraph below…}

I really do feel called to write this book, and as is often the case with me, I will put off what seems impossible. Some people call this self-sabatoge but I honestly think it’s simply a lack of belief. I even started a #DoSummer2015 tracking sheet for writing and am doing eeeeevvvverything but writing. It’s like this project won’t quit on me even when I want to though, and I think I may have even come up with a title this week.

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