Honest Thoughts About My First Stitch Fix Delivery

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Honest Thoughts About my First Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

One of my biggest goals for 2015 was to reach my goal weight by my 40th birthday. Then a flood of events happened one after another throughout the first part of this year and I knew I was not going to make that happen. But I realized it was okay to spend some money on great looking clothing that fits me right where I am.

What a concept: dressing for my reality instead of waiting for everything to be perfect. {Hi, my name is Tammy, and I’m a perfectionist.}

So I started getting serious about only buying things I absolutely loved, including new workout gear. SkipperClan has been super supportive, but I’ve tried to stay as frugal as possible. I have shopped Target bogo deals, Kohls specials with Kohls Cash, and even online consignment like ThredUp.

The reality is my proportions are not typical and I often need a top larger through the shoulders than through the waist, even though my waist is the last part of my figure I want to emphasize.

Lace Trim Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

Button ups are almost impossible, dresses are difficult, and let’s face it – I just turned 40 which impacts what looks appropriate. I need items that work well for my professional life but transition well for date night. They also need to be cared for at home since I’m not interested in weekly dry cleaning trips. In the end, referrals from my friends have truly yielded the best results for key pieces like dress pants or a great black blazer.

So when our cousin posted that she’d fallen in love with her Stitch Fix box, my ears perked up! Yes, I’ve seen a hundred other posts from big bloggers about their experience, but honestly, I figured it’s worth it for them since they probably get to shop for free with even a small portion of their readers signing up. I guess I’m just a skeptic like that.

When our cousin posted about the company though, I decided to take another look. I knew Stitch Fix offered the following features:

  • Delivered right to your door
  • You try everything on at home
  • Discount when you keep the entire order
  • Variety of clothing and accessories available
  • More unique pieces than found in mass retailers

What I didn’t realize Stitch Fix could provide was:

  • Selections based on detailed surveys and even your own Pinterest boards
  • Possible size exchanges when products are available
  • Flexible shipping dates (even every other month)
  • Accommodating specific requests when possible

For instance, I have had the hardest time finding a white tee that was beyond the basic tee. I wanted something that wasn’t too clingy, looked great under a blazer for work or with a pair of jeans for the weekend. When I am telling you I have searched for months without finding something, I am not exaggerating. I made sure I included several examples of styles I loved on my Pinterest board and noted this need on my profile.

Lace Detail Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

Stitch Fix and my Stylist delivered, both literally and figuratively!

Here are some of the looks I have from just five amazing pieces.

Blue Maxi Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

This maxi dress has enough stretch to fit well and not cling to my middle. It’s long enough to wear with heels or wedges and I’ll be pairing it with a denim jacket in the fall. I’m also wearing this gorgeous necklace in the photos.

Gold and Crystal Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

I loved the necklace and kept it but I really don’t need a regular supply of more jewelry so I noted that on my order.

White Detail Tee Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

This is the great white tee that Stitch Fix really delivered with in my first order. Again, should have been simple to find but I love that it’s not transparent, fits without too much cling and has the fabulous details pictured above. My blazer is from Belk and shoes are from Kohls.

Teal and Navy Wrap Dress Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

This wrap dress is a great bold print and color combo while being super comfortable. Love that I can wear this to work or out on date night.

I adored the final piece, a blue floral top with crochet trim, but it’s just too small. I was excited the staff was able to locate the next size up and it’s on its way to me as I type. This isn’t always possible so make sure to be detailed on your size and fit in the initial survey.

Blue Floral Crochet Stitch Fix at SkipperClan

I was able to send the too-small top back in the prepaid shipping package and as soon as the tracking number was registered with the postal service, Stitch Fix shipped the replacement.

Stitch Fix Return at SkipperClan

After taking the discount for keeping everything, my pieces averaged $40 each. Not something I normally spend on a basic tee shirt, but a great deal for two beautiful dresses. I’d much rather spend a little for the convenience of adding such useful items every other month than to go through the hassle of driving around to try on clothes.

So there you have it, my honest thoughts about my first Stitch Fix delivery and why I’ll be eagerly anticipating every order in the future. You can sign up here and you too can get a $25 credit when your friends sign up and receive their first Fix. Let me know what you think when you get your Fix!

Stitch Fix Box at SkipperClan

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