Unshakable Book Review


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This summer, making time to read books from my 2015 reading list has been almost as difficult to accomplish as sitting still long enough to draft a blog post.

One book has had my full attention in recent weeks though, and I couldn’t go to bed one more night without sharing more about it with you.

Nancy Backues shared her recent book Unshakable with me and now I get to share it with you. Nancy’s story begins with her discovery of a lump in the summer of 2010. What pulled me in immediately was her ability to intricately highlight her journey through cancer with the Biblical examples of individuals on their own faith journey. Whether you are facing a serious health issue, job loss, or just the every day challenges of relationships – Unshakable will help you consider the powerful work God can do through your circumstances in an interesting and interactive format.

I felt compelled to journal my favorite quote from each chapter as I read through her personal journey. The questions at the end of each section directed me to dig deeper into the scripture she referenced as well. I loved how engaged I was not only in the story, but also in applying it to our personal challenges this summer.

If you are looking for a book that will encourage you or someone you know who:

  • is facing cancer or another serious health challenge
  • has experienced a recent job loss or serious financial setback
  • chooses book club material or small group Bible study material
  • believes they are familiar with key stories from Scripture but wants to dig deeper

then I highly recommend her book for those people in your life (double if it’s for you)!

This book does not paint a picture of someone walking through difficulty with perfection, or even peace at all times. It does share with you encouragement and the opportunity to grow in your faith no matter where you are right now. When you get started in the book, I’d love to hear some of your favorite quotes or ah-ha moments, just comment below!

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