31 Days of Encouragement

For 31 days I’ve committed to connecting with you here and giving you a glimpse into daily living, with a heavy dose of encouragement. You can find all the posts here as I update the links. I’m so glad you stopped by, don’t miss a thing when you subscribe at the top of the page!

Scroll down for Day 1:
Day 2: Family
Day 3: Content at Home
Day 4: Sunday
Day 5: Renovation
Day 6: Simply Tuesday
Day 7: Work
Day 8: Purposeful Planner
Day 9: Mothering at Midnight
Day 10: Inspiration
Day 11: Faith of a Child
Day 12: Busy
Day 13: Cheer Squad
Day 14: 10 Goals for 2015 Update
Day 15: Purposeful Planner Winner!

Hey there friends, have you missed me? Maybe you didn’t realize all this time had gone by because your life is hectic busy crazy fun like mine…at least I hope it’s fun!

31 Days of Encouragement

We have had some huge life changes again this year and I’ve decided it must be our family theme. Sometimes you just have to step back from the to do list, the goals, and the endless possibilities and focus on the things that line up with your key priorities. That’s where I’ve been for a bit.

Honestly, my closest friends and parents have barely heard from me, so I definitely didn’t spend time here in my little space online.

I’d like to change that for October. Lots of talented bloggers will be sharing killer tips on home decorating, saving money, and faith filled teaching for the month of October and the #write31days challenge. I have no such grand plans or pre-drafted posts.

I do have an extensive list of encouraging ideas, projects around our home, excellent books to review, and even giveaways just waiting to be shared with you. In October, I’ll be writing whenever I can each day to share some of that with each of you.

If you feel like holding me accountable, click on the box at the top to subscribe via email and let’s enter this time together over a hot cup of something delish. You can check back each day to this same link for all the posts in one place for 31 days of encouragement and real life living!

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