One of the most consistent things I’ve ever done with this little blogging space is write for five minutes on Friday.

It’s been a while since I participated regularly…

Five Minute Friday Family at SkipperClan

But what better way to start a commitment to sharing encouragement daily than to simply put pen to paper, er…fingers to keys…than to recommit to #fmfriday! It is no simple coincidence that today’s prompt is family.


That’s exactly where I’ve been when this space sat empty. Being on the phone, sitting with, and living alongside the daily moments with those I love. Sometimes it was a birthday party, dinner out, or difficult conversation. Learning more about what it’s like to live in the same town, state as almost all our family has been one of the biggest parts of our transition from living an active duty military life to retirement.

Retirement is such a crazy word when you are just turning 40.

We haven’t retired, we have transitioned…from a stage of life where the government determined so much more than just my husband’s career path.

When you are living far away from your family for twenty years, it’s easy for everyone to think that it will all be easier once you are all close again. But in twenty years, you all change! You have become the people you are now because of your experiences, including living far enough away that you couldn’t always be together.

No matter how much you love your family, no matter how strong your bonds, there is still a transition as you learn about each others’ expectations. Make holiday plans. Talk about vacations.

Family at SkipperClan

Family. It’s where I’ve been and I wouldn’t change it for anything. It will continue to be my focus as we prepare for our son’s formal wedding ceremony and reception in December.

What does family mean to you? What transitions have you experienced during changing life seasons?

pssst, you can see the entire 31 Days of Encouragement over here…I’m so glad you stopped by the blog.


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