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I become more of a homebody with each passing year. Family has always been a top priority in my life and I think the home is an extension of that focus. Multiply that by about a million after moving three times in just over three years.

We went from being homeowners, to renting twice, to being homeowners again.

Home History at SkipperClan

All that moving and changing definitely serves as a reminder that home is more about the people you are with than the walls around you. However, all that moving and renting also reminds you how much fun it is to do what you want when you are a homeowner again!

So during these first 13 months of living in our little builder-basic subdivision, we have had lots of ideas for upgrades. These don’t always line up with our goals of becoming debt free. We have had samples of flooring for at least 8 months that I love, but we just haven’t quite taken the plunge to purchase anything more than paint and a little backsplash tile.

Backsplash Tile After at SkipperClan

A few things we have done in the house include:

  • Change kitchen back splash from wallpaper to tile
  • Replace vertical blinds on our sliding doors with curtains
  • Install a semi-custom closet organization system in the Master Bedroom
  • Painted a few used furniture pieces that better fit this floorplan

A few things we have purchased but not completed include:

  • Hemming the curtains purchased for the sliding doors
  • Changing hardware on our pantry door to replace the bi-fold opening
  • Tile for the fireplace surround (as of today)
  • Supplies to finish removal of the rest of the wall paper in our living space

Italian Tile for Fireplace

A few things we expect to do in the coming year include:

  • Replace the flooring in the main living area and one bedroom
  • Repaint the same areas
  • Upgrade the fireplace finishes
  • Install storage in the laundry room
  • Replace the soft furnishings for our daughter’s room
  • Repair or replace a window the same bedroom

Builder Basic Fireplace Wall

Some of these projects are coming about out of a genuine health or maintenance need. We recently confirmed our daughter’s asthmatic symptoms are directly tied to severe allergies. Since the carpet in this home is from the time it was built in 2008, we believe it needs to go and solid-surface flooring needs to be installed in its place. This need is also prompting the painting in that room and replacing her soft furnishings (most of which she’s had for at least five years). The window is simple maintenance and not an option.

The rest of the projects are more for aesthetic than a true need. I can’t deny this is outside of the hard & fast rules of becoming debt free. For now, we have agreed that an adjusted time frame for that goal is acceptable to both of us and the amount we’ll be spending to complete these projects is a small percentage of our annual income. We are also making all the finish choices with the end goal in mind to have our choice or renting or selling this home in a few years.

We have spent a lot of our time the last few weeks looking at options. I really don’t know if there is a tile or laminate flooring display in this county that we haven’t seen, twice. Here is what I’ve learned in years of doing home projects together with my husband and why I believe this has everything in the world to do with encouragement, my monthly writing theme…

When you can find a balance as a couple between what you want in your home and being content with what you can’t change, you will find that reaching longer term goals is so much easier!

Whether you are in military housing with no options to renovate, or you’ve saved for years and you’re ready to build an entire addition to your home, remember that your family truly is the heart of your home. I think that’s advice I’m giving myself more than you as we begin DIY’ing a few of these projects here at home.

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