Sunday. It can literally spell success for the rest of your week. God designed us to work, but also to rest. Our bodies, souls, and minds are not designed for sustained periods of extreme stress. Even the week of Creation included a day of rest, a time to simply exist in that Creation.

How Sunday Can Spell Success for the Rest of Your Week

God also instructed the people of Israel to celebrate a year of Jubilee, a time of freedom. The number itself isn’t magical, the practice of taking a day or season of rest may feel magical though.

Spiritual rest is more than physical rest. It helps your mind and soul recover in a way that is hard to capture in our high-paced, always-connected world. I realized this weekend that the name of our religious day of rest, Sunday, helps remind me how to keep that priority in my life.

S-sleep as needed. Sleep in, nap, go to bed early…or all of the above.

U-unplug from technology as much as possible. Your phone, this blog, social media, ignore the alerts.

N-nourish your body with something healthy. Savor a piece of fresh fruit or homemade soup.

D-drink plenty of water. Flush toxins from stress, processed foods, and pollution of the old week.

A-assemble for worship. Participate in a local group for spiritual teaching and encouragement.

Y-yoga or other restorative exercise like walking. Stretch and relax without a high intensity workout.

These were normal routines for most people just one generation ago. We are so connected and on-demand in today’s world that we need reminders like this to help us refocus and recharge on a regular basis. Taking care of yourself helps you take care of those you love as well.

Have a blessed Sunday friends!

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