I’ve come out of the midst of primer, paint, and dust from the beginning of our room update to share some thoughts on renovations.

Renovation at SkipperClan

But not the DIY kind…the God kind.

I believe that God loves us, provides for us, and offers us the ultimate gift of freedom from sin by the sacrifice He made as Jesus on the cross. Accepting His sacrifice has truly bern the ultimate renovation for my soul. My heart has a peace that overrides everything else…even when I’m stressed or focused on my circumstances.

If anyone ties to tell you that believing in God “enough” will give you a life free of suffering, know that it’s untrue. If we only need the faith of a mustard seed to move a mountain, then God’s love is not dependent on our “enough-ness.”

We don’t need to be smart enough, pretty enough, patient enough, rich enough, poor enough, or anything-enough for God to work in our lives.

God’s Word says we will face trials, not if.

So sometimes it may feel like everything is going wrong. It may feel like you are very far from God’s reach.

It can feel like your is going through a renovation but the Architect forgot to get your approval for the plans.

It can be hard to live in the difficulty. I believe God uses all our circumstances to grow us and prepare us for future ministry. Your ministry may be leading worship or it may be encouraging friends during playgroup.

No matter where you are in the building process, build with strength by reading God’s Word, build with love by continuing to give, and build wisely by preparing for what comes next.

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