My daughter isn’t a big shopper. She is even less interested in having to make lots of decisions.¬†This doesn’t pair well with our plans to give her room a complete update as we attempt to limit allergy triggers in our home. I have been trying to get her to spend time looking at photos or talking about what she’d like to have in her new space. Today, we managed to shop for a few hours together and found some beautiful inspiration for her space.

Inspiration at SkipperClan

We plan to take elements of weathered wood, black metal, and traditional textiles and create a relaxing room for her. She spends a lot of time working or studying for her college classes these days, so there is definitely a need to keep the space decluttered and super functional.

We weren’t sure what direction the design would take until we found our inspiration piece today.

I have found that type of inspiration is key in reaching a big goal or adjusting to a major life change. We aren’t always sure what’s keeping us from accomplishing the thing we’ve set our minds on, and we lose confidence in our abilities when life hands us difficult news.

We can persevere when we know how that goal will benefit our career, our health, or our family. That inspiration can ignite our drive and remind us why we started in the first place.

Where do you look for inspiration? What goals are you working on right now?

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