It’s so easy to throw around the phrase…

I’m just so busy.

What else do you call it when you are working full time, feeding the family, keeping up with laundry, trying to read the occasional book…and every once in a while throw in a big project like home renovations.


So I am committed to writing, but my schedule hasn’t really cooperated. The only one who can change it is me. I’m working on keeping my commitments made before setting this writing goal, but striving to check in for my virtual attendance. I’m not sure the check in post is in the same spirit as truly writing for encouragement. The only thing I can say is: real life happens, to each of us. Things don’t always go as planned. Maybe you’ll have to disappoint someone along the way of revamping your life. Apologize, then move on and try to keep some margin so it doesn’t happen often.

For me, we painted tonight…all three of us. Here’s hoping it doesn’t need another coat once we see it in the morning light. I’m looking forward to sharing the finished space with you, but since there is no reality-television team helping, we are taking our time.

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