Cheer Squad

I took two days off this week. That means the 31 Days of Encouragement Series will have a maximum of 29 days.

I’m okay with that, I hope you’ll stick around for my imperfect work as I continue to share a bit more about every day living to encourage you in your own day.

My schedule is cuhrazy full right now. I honestly feel a bit like a madwoman for allowing it to become what it has this month. The last two evenings though, were two of the most important appointments on my book for the entire month.

I had two events planned with my own personal cheer squad.

Cheer Squad

A few of my personal cheer squad and our friends at this week’s party.

They are FAB – literally! We call ourselves the Fab 5 group and we connect monthly to encourage each other in business, life, and faith. These women work with other direct selling companies. We talk about what is working, what we would like to improve, and celebrate our successes.

These women have become friends and encouragers on a truly personal level as well. I’ve prayed with them, laughed about our experiences, and learned from great resources they have shared.

I encourage you, whether you are raising babies full time, leading a team in a corporate setting, or simply want to learn a new craft…find your cheer squad. You become like the five people you spend the most time with. Make them smart, honest, funny, and encouraging.

And be on the cheer squad for someone else, the rewards are truly immeasurable.

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