10 Goals for 2015 3rd Quarter Update

I hesitate to even write this post…I mean, this month is supposed to be about encouragement.  No matter what goals I’ve missed or reset this year, they’ll never work if I don’t account for where I am and make adjustments.

Best Year Ever

The third quarter of 2015 is complete, in fact…October is more than halfway over! That means I’m overdue for a goal update.

I set ten goals for 2015 pertaining to my health, finances, career, faith, and more…here’s my 3rd quarter update.

  1. become debt free {2 debts paid off, 4 to go, yep, we added one}
  2. read the entire Bible {just over 30% complete, and not reading regularly at all for over a month}
  3. reach my goal weight by my 40th birthday {nope! however, I am recommitting}
  4. join a local church and serve {we have found a church home and I led a class on Financial Peace}
  5. read fifty or more books {I quit tracking the number of books but have kept reading regularly}
  6. develop 100 skin care clients {I reset this goal for my July-Jun business year}
  7. complete a creative project monthly {not every month, but more than the last 5 years combined!}
  8. send items monthly to our sponsored child {I have sent at least a card every month so far in 2015}
  9. plan a dream vacation {no progress during this quarter}
  10. write and publish a book {reset for next year}

I want to address a few of the key goals. First, our goal to become debt free. I could write a book on all the changes, challenges, and reset goals we’ve experienced financially in the 18 months since SkipperClan retired from the military {see item #10}. The extremely short version is that we have experienced a tremendous amount of highs and lows. We decided about two months ago that becoming debt free within two years is not only reasonable to many financial experts, it’s the timeline that is going to help us enjoy life just a little bit during the process. Our family needed to add an additional vehicle for our youngest to attend college and we made some choices based on what we thought was best in the long run. Two months later we are absolutely happy with our decision and plan to refocus on this goal after our son’s official wedding ceremony in December. In the mean time, we are cash-flowing larger expenses like home repair, remodeling, and wedding expenses.

As for the creative outlet, I attended one of those painting parties a few months ago and had an absolute blast. I began reading about learning to paint and started picking up a few supplies with coupons at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. After the home renovations are complete, I plan to start a little bit of painting just. for. fun. I can hardly wait!

The book. It’s just going to have to wait. I’d love to draft an initial copy by March of next year. The dream is still there but I think the story is just still happening in our lives. The idea has evolved beyond my initial idea. By writing regularly again in this space, I’m building my skills and finding my focus for the book material.

Overall, I’ve accomplished a lot this year that I never even put on my goal list. It’s been yet another year of huge life changes and I can see why some people suffer through divorce, mid-life crisis, and depression during this season. It’s just a lot of change. I am excited about where we are headed though and hope you’ll stay with me here through the journey.

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