My One Word: Foundations

Each year I consider whether or not I should continue seeking my one word as a way to focus my goals and priorities. Some years that word has been easy to determine, others seemed a bit more like I was reaching – trying to make the word fit my list of goals.

This year’s word may as well have been plastered on every local billboard and delivered on an actual silver platter.

My One Word: Foundations

My one word: foundations.

It wasn’t after hours of meditation or deep prayer, it wasn’t after I’d written a list of goals, it wasn’t anything except absolutely crystal clear that I am to focus on foundations. The basic building blocks of a faith-centered and generous life: our faith, our finances, our friendships, and our food (health in general really, but please bear with my affinity for alliteration, ahem.)

The idea of choosing one word is to simplify your focus when making changes or seeking self-improvement. I like to use it when creating a list of goals, but also throughout the year to aid decision-making.

  • Should I take on this new commitment?
  • Does this organization align with my current priorities?
  • Will this action/request/choice allow me to act on my one word?
  • How will this goal impact my ability to live out my one word?

Have you chosen a word? Share yours in the comments, I can’t wait to hear about it!

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