Financial Freedom Book Club: The Total Money Makeover

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Shocking news announcement: I did not reach all my goals for 2015.

Oh, you missed one or two also? Such a relief that we aren’t alone! Unfortunately, it’s much more common for people to miss their goals than to hit them. So why do we keep trying? I believe we are always learning, always improving. Missing a goal is truly an opportunity to improve!

Financial Freedom Book Club: The Total Money Makeover

We started off last year with a huge focus to become debt free. We had no idea how much uncertainty and change we would end up experiencing in our careers over those twelve months. It’s too lengthy to share here, but the extremely short version is that we are pressing reset this month.

I believe the simplest, most helpful guide on money written today is Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover. There are countless testimonials of people who have successfully used his babysteps to change their financial outlook permanently. I’ll be reading through the book and implementing the process for our own finances in the coming weeks.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some of the key points including:

  • How our upbringing and early adult years impact our idea of Financial Freedom
  • Suggestions for working together with your spouse
  • Common objections from friends and relatives
  • Murphy’s Law and what to do when he shows up at your door
  • Creative ways we have built (and rebuilt) our baby emergency fund
  • The “But what about my special situation ______” question
  • Free online tools to help along the way
  • Our experiences buying and selling homes
  • How are kids have gone to college debt free without us saving for it
  • Fun ways to give generously (without a lot of money)

Money can seem complicated, so I’m sure there will be more as we go through the book. I’m hoping this will be the kick off to a Financial Freedom Book Club, where I can share my thoughts on books related to living financially free!

So go grab a copy from Amazon or get one free at your local library. Let’s read the first few chapters together and see how much we can change our financial picture during the first quarter of 2016!

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I’m ready, are you?!?

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