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SkipperClan is a place where we share our family stories, strategies, and skills so you can find ways to enjoy family life even more. Whether or not you face the challenges of the military lifestyle, we believe we share common ground in the areas of parenting, living simply, and reaching our dreams. We love to review products that help families succeed in these areas. What we love more than anything is to hear what you think about what you read here, so make sure to leave a comment or contact us.

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Tammy has been around the world as an Air Force spouse, is happily married to her high school sweetheart, and is navigating the college years with her two kids. She completed her Bachelor’s in Business Management and Leadership and is self employed as a Beauty Consultant. She is making time again for the hobbies she had before returning to college like reading, photography and whatever adventure her husband wants to try next. Her goal at SkipperClan is to encourage and empower women with practical strategies for life. You can find her on Twitter as @Tammy_Skipper or email her at blog (at) skipperclan (dot) com.

Favorite Posts

One of my favorite things to share is encouragement, this post for young moms really struck a cord with readers. I also like to share practical suggestions like the weekly cleaning routine I use. This year I’m focused on my goals including our goal to become debt freeIt’s a big goal! You can stop by each of the categories at the top of the blog to see what books I’m reading, projects I’m DIY’ing, or to find encouragement for your faith.

Giveaways and Product Review Disclosure:

Almost all of the prizes and giveaways on SkipperClan are sponsored by outside companies.

I usually receive a complimentary product to review or some type of compensation for promoting the specific products, however, I will ONLY promote products that I love and use, products that I know you’ll like, and products that will help you.

All reviews are my own words and my own opinions. I will always fully disclose all information about the giveaways at the end of each post.

Please contact me with any questions you have about my disclosure policies.