SkipperClan Celebrating 20 Years

20 Ways My Life is Better After 20 Years of Marriage

1. He convinced me Tex-Mex is a very good thing. Especially guacamole. Mmmmmm. 2. He gave me two smart, beautiful, compassionate children. The world is a better place. 3. He took me around the world including – my dream trip…

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The Final Report: 2013 Believe Year Goals and Reading Goal Update

2013, not surprisingly, did not really turn out as I expected. When I set these goals, I thought I was going to be working from home with a very flexible schedule. I thought moving back to the South would mean…

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My Top Post of 2013

My top post of 2013 was not from 2013, but I wanted to share it again anyway. You see, if there is one thing God affirms over and over to me, it is that I can share encouragement for marriages…

Life Simplified at

Life: Simplified, An Introduction to My New Year

I am quickly approaching my one year anniversary of being back in the traditional working world full time. Meanwhile, I’ve been simultaneously juggling everything I was doing full time before: my home business, my family, our home, volunteer work. Of…

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5 Last Minute Gifts

5 Last Minute Gifts

  It’s Christmas Eve, and I pray you are done with the hustle-and-bustle of Christmas preparations. Cooking, wrapping, candlelight services…these are the joys of the special evening. But I have a feeling that at least one of you is looking…

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Christmas Cards {A Review}

Several years ago I began sending out our Christmas Cards on Thanksgiving weekend. This year, with it falling at the very end of the month, the Christmas season seems even shorter. I worked hard to plan ahead and accomplish a…

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Red Velvet Cake at SkipperClan

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

This day of gratitude is winding down on the East Coast. This year we enjoyed a feast for lunch, a crazy family game of dodge ball in the afternoon, and capped off the evening with a stunning display as the…

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She is 17

She will be 17 this weekend…   Those bright blue eyes, the contagious giggle, and the determination of a thousand warriors. She has never backed down from a decision once she made it, but don’t you dare try to make…

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Afternoon Tea at SkipperClan

Back to School, A Budget, and A Cup of Tea

This week I made progress on my goals by fitting small action steps into small pockets of time throughout the week. Each day I tackled the challenging tasks as early as possible. When Kit-Kat and I returned home after her…

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What I do when I'm afriad to fly

What I Do When I’m Afraid to Fly

Two weeks ago, I was packing for a flight to Dallas and my stomach started churning. I wasn’t concerned about the safety of the plane but I was feeling nervous. SkipperClan would probably tell you that I don’t like traveling…

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