It’s so easy to throw around the phrase… I’m just so busy. What else do you call it when you are working full time, feeding the family, keeping up with laundry, trying to read the occasional book…and every once in a…

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Faith of a Child

Faith of A Child

I spent this morning at my son & daughter-in-law’s church. My daughter traveled with me this weekend, and even though my daughter-in-law was serving with the children, we were all in church together. I was reminded again of the beauty…

Inspiration at SkipperClan


My daughter isn’t a big shopper. She is even less interested in having to make lots of decisions. This doesn’t pair well with our plans to give her room a complete update as we attempt to limit allergy triggers in our…

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Mothering at Midnight

We expect those first few midnights. sleepless, feedings, diapers, learning, parenting It’s hard to believe, but that stage fades into memory. until licenses, friends, teams, homecoming dances When we find ourselves praying that we have done our best. God, keep…

Purposeful Planner Giveaway at SkipperClan

Purposeful Planner

I have had this gorgeous and functional planner from Corie Clark for MONTHS with grand plans to tell you all about it…read through the end to find out how you can WIN one for yourself! Nearly two years ago, I received an…

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Work at SkipperClan


One of the reasons I neglected my writing so long was because of how many hours I’ve been working the last few months. When we set a goal to become debt free this year, we knew it was going to…

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Simply Tuesday at SkipperClan

Simply Tuesday

{This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a credit if you choose to purchase. All opinions are mine and you can read more about my disclosure policy here} I cannot think of a better book to share with…

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I’ve come out of the midst of primer, paint, and dust from the beginning of our room update to share some thoughts on renovations. But not the DIY kind…the God kind. I believe that God loves us, provides for us,…

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How Sunday Can Spell Success for the Rest of Your Week


Sunday. It can literally spell success for the rest of your week. God designed us to work, but also to rest. Our bodies, souls, and minds are not designed for sustained periods of extreme stress. Even the week of Creation…

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Home History at SkipperClan

Content at Home

I become more of a homebody with each passing year. Family has always been a top priority in my life and I think the home is an extension of that focus. Multiply that by about a million after moving three…

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