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3 in 30 Week 16 Update

Here is this week’s 3 in 30 progress for my Finish Year goals. {Yes, I realize I failed to share details on our Space Needle trip – something a super saavy blogger would have posted for the 50th anniversary this … Continue reading

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3 in 30 Week 15 Update

My weekly progress for my April 3 in 30 goals is late this weekend, because I was going places like this… And seeing people like this… I will tell you more about our trip to the Space Needle later this … Continue reading

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Ten Places to Declutter Before You Spring Clean

I like having clean spaces, but I do not enjoy the process of actually cleaning. Some people do, really! This week we have already cleaned out the van and underneath the kitchen sink, but my main focus is to declutter. … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday {Cooking from the Pantry}

The best way to clean the fridge or pantry is to empty the contents onto the counters before you start cleaning. I have six square feet of counter space in my kitchen, so the best thing for me to do … Continue reading

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3 in 30 Week 14 Update

We are wrapping up Spring Break and enjoying a beautiful weekend, I hope you are too. Here is my progress so far for my April 3 in 30 goals. Spring Cleaning We kept up with our regular weekly cleaning and … Continue reading

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3 in 30 Week 13 Update

No joke, March is over and April is here. Time for another 3 in 30 Goals roundup and decision time for the new month’s goals. Memorize James Chapters 1 and 2 Totally missed this for March, but I am still … Continue reading

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Waiting For the Repairman

“We can have someone come out between 9am and 1pm.” Repairmen seem to have a special pass when it comes to punctuality. I really don’t know how couples who both work outside the home ever get their cable installed or the … Continue reading

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3 in 30 Week 12 Update

There is only one week left in March, but I plan to work on my goals with just as much intensity as I did during the first seven days of the month. Instead of telling myself I only have one … Continue reading

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Soapnuts {Laundry Detergent Update}

I told you before about a making homemade laundry detergent that worked. My only complaint was the space involved in storing the detergent. Part of my motivation in making the detergent was to save money, but I wanted simplicity too. I … Continue reading

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The Good Wife’s Guide

I really enjoyed about Candace Cameron’s book, Reshaping It All, both for the content and the format. The latter aspect of that book was done by Darlene Schacht. When Darlene offered a copy of her new e-book for me to … Continue reading

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