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2012 Home Goals

It seems like everyone is talking non-stop about goals lately. Oh wait, that’s just me. I shared over New Year’s weekend some of the categories I set goals for each year, but I had not really considered having goals for … Continue reading

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Enjoying Christmas: Decorating

I love layering our home with Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. Last year when we put the ornaments and lights away, we knew this Christmas would be spent in a new home. Things we didn’t use or absolutely love … Continue reading

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In striving to live more simply this year, I have made one major change. I don’t enjoy shopping like I used to. For years, shopping was a hobby for me. Unfortunately, I have the financial story to back that up. … Continue reading

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Organized Simplicity

I remember my aunts gathered in the living room of the little house in Florida. Their mother crocheting in the recliner. Their children running through the corridor from screen door to screen door. Me, sitting with the buckets, shelling peas … Continue reading

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Ready, Aim, Organize Your Life

If you have ever worked to organize a space only to see it fall into disarray within days (or hours!), you know that organizing is an ongoing process. How would you like a tool to help that process seem more manageable? Ready, … Continue reading

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30for30 Challenge

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love a good challenge. What better way to set and reach a goal than to have some accountability? I shared with you a couple of weeks ago that I was not … Continue reading

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Office Makeover Part 2

I shared with you recently how much I love the inspiration I get from Pinterest. I thought it would be fun to show you how I used the site to organize my office. Before: This is the main wall-o-stuff when … Continue reading

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Speaking of What to Wear

One of the items on my 52 Projects List is to declutter the clothes I own. I recently read several great articles on the topic including this one over at Simple Organized Living. In our previous home, we minimized the … Continue reading

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Office Makeover Part 1

Remember how I told you last week about my barstool makeover? The great thing about a project like that is how quickly you can make a dramatic change. Now, remember when I asked you to share your thoughts on plastic … Continue reading

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Storage Drawers

If there is one thing in life with which I have a love-hate relationship, it is plastic drawer systems. SkipperClan just has a hate relationship with them. Why on earth am I blogging about them? Well, I got a steal … Continue reading

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